Hong Kong Advocacy Training Council Excellence in Advocacy

Executive Committee and Patrons

The management of the HKATC is vested in the Executive Committee, which is comprised of senior and experienced barristers who have a long strong history and commitment to advocacy training and standards.


Executive Committee Members

  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Campbell-Moffat
  • The Hon. Mr. Justice Coleman
  • Philip J. Dykes S.C.
  • Paul Shieh S.C.
  • Kumar Ramanathan S.C.
  • Stewart Wong S.C.
  • Paul Lam S.C.
  • Nigel Kat S.C.
  • Giles Surman
  • Jonathan Chang
  • Lee Shu Wun
  • Jonathan Ah-weng

Secretary General


  • Roxanne Ismail S.C.